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Members of the Board


Tamara Charltons

Tamara Charlton is a native of Columbus, Ohio born and raised in the inner city. Tamara is a graduate of Independence High School in 1996. Immediately after high school Tamara began beauty school, where she would eventually walk by faith into entrepreneurship. It is through this platform that Tamara has been able to touch many lives in the inner city community by encouraging women to be their best selves, to pursue their dreams, to always support their children and to for most honor God.


Although her business has afforded her opportunities to live a life she only dreamed of, she has remained humble understanding her humble beginnings as a teen mom. She never used this as a crutch but as her drive to persue the best she could possibly give her children.This pursuit would often leave her with plenty of naysayers but she never lost hope. It is the hope that Tamara desires to leave with every person she touches in being apart of this foundation. No one is helpless and tomorrow is always a new day to begin again. After being in her presence you will leave knowing she loves God, she loves her family, she loves people and you will leave feeling that you can conquer the world. She is ready to connect with you and to help you regain hope! 


Columbus, Ohio

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Rodgers II

Former professional basketball player of NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, multiple international teams for 16 years. His career was highlighted by multiple 9 championships, including obtaining dual citizenship in Venezuela.   Leon, was a graduate of Eastmoor High School before attending Northern Illinois University. Mr. Rodgers is also the founder of the non-profit Rodgers Neighborhood Basketball, (2006). RNB, uses the sport of basketball as an instrument to assist in the development of youth to become positive student role models in their communities. 


Columbus, Ohio


Kristy Reynolds

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification. A machine has value only as it produces more than it consumes — so check your value to the community.

Kristy Reynolds - Rafiyq lives by her motto, “ you can use circumstance as an excuse to fail or motivation to succeed. “ 

With 20 years of experience in the Real Estate industry Kristy takes great pride in bringing financial literacy to the community she serves . Helping people build wealth through accomplishing their dream of homeownership is her passion . By specializing in assisting First Time Buyers and those with less than perfect credit she uses her expertise to assist the underserved . 

Kristy demonstrates strong leadership outside the workplace with her involvement with multiple outreach charities , programs and ventures . 


Columbus, Ohio


Melissa Smitherman

Although born and raised in Cincinnati, Melissa Smitherman has lived in Columbus, Ohio for over 34 years. She is a Mother of 3 and a strong advocate for Early Literacy and Education.  She has run her own in home Childcare business for over 21 years. Her business motto is “Where Fun and Learning is our Priority.”  Her passion for learning and helping inner city youth grew from her own upbringing and she has been hands on through both her college years as well as currently in assisting young adults to further their education. Prior to opening her Childcare business Melissa worked in the Non Profit Sector. That experience gave her a deep appreciation for how Non Profits can provide an opportunity to improve the quality of life for others in their community; one person or program at a time. 


Columbus, Ohio

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